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it’s the Twitter hating Bandwagon

Twitter seems to gain popularity on a daily basis, with more and more people getting involved. Twitter is still behind Facebook in terms of active users (despite recent news that Facebook are losing millions of users, they actually gained two million in the first quarter of this year – although Asia is now their main area of user growth). But Twitter doesn’t have photo albums, detailed profiles, lengthy posts, organised networks of friends, family and associates to keep happy by maintaining links with them…  maybe the simplicity of Twitter is what makes it feel more user-friendly than Facebook – you simply post your brief comments, links or photos and easily follow/unfollow who you want.

But like anything that is popular – internet articles, blogs and forums are starting to feature complaints, moaning, bitching and whinging about Twitter.

he thinks we care...

so upset by Twitter he made a video about it

I wasn’t a fan of Facebook, so I closed my account. If I didn’t like Twitter, quite simply I wouldn’t use it. That’s not to say that there aren’t 1 or 2 (or 10…) things that I find a bit annoying about Twitter, but overall I love it and I’m pretty sure I check my timeline much more than the apparent average of 14 time per day.

Twitter is Evil, according to the person who knocked up this handy illustration

Twitter is Evil, according to the person who knocked up this handy illustration

As more people have jumped on the bandwagon to point out the bad things about Twitter, I’ve read of the lists people have made of things that they don’t like about it. There are obvious things that seem to pop up on most lists, however we all have different thresholds of what we find annoying. While some people moan about the Tweeting of photos of pets, kids and dinner for example (although I’ve never seen a photo featuring all three at the same time) personally they’re not the types of things I object to. Likewise, some Twitter users hate to see self promoters, people talking about their business or articles they’ve published, maybe even constantly posting links to their website – but personally I think Twitter is a great tool for getting this type of thing out there. Ironically, most people who find it annoying that a friend or associate of theirs is using Twitter to plug a service they’re offering or link to their website, will also be following a particular sports team/clothing brand/music artist/etc whose main use of Twitter to market themselves. So why shouldn’t the small fry be allowed to have a go?

if it makes you so angry, just dont use it...

if it makes you so angry, just dont use it…

There are a handful of Twitter user traits that are not only obviously annoying but coincidently they’re issues common with Facebook users falling out of love with that service: the attention seekers, serial complainers, accounts created for kids/pets by their parents/owners, the fitness boasters… however while reading numerous complaints about Twitter I decided that I’d come up with my own top 10 things that I don’t like about it – I’ve tried to be less obvious than the lists I’ve read and picked things that maybe I find more annoying than most Twitter users would:

10 – Competition Suckers

“RT & follow for a chance to win an iPad/free bet/signed photo of Justin Bieber”. If you’re filling my timeline with this nonsense, you’re an idiot.

9 – #people #who #hashtag #everything

When Twitter’s developers implemented the concept of users adding searchable tags to Tweets, i don’t think the idea was based around you adding the hashtag #arrogantfrenchtosser to your rant about your football teams latest defeat or #icantbeleivedaveshaggedthatminger when reminiscing about your night out. Also, people who tag random words that misdirect people to their Tweet are #wankers.

8 – Prolific Re-Tweeters

No posts of their own, just simply re-tweeting other people’s comments. What do they actually get out of being on Twitter? Are they missing the point or just want to feel part of it even though they’ve nothing interesting to contribute? If you’re worried what you have to say might be boring, don’t let that stop you – it doesn’t stop the rest of us…

7 – Celeb Re-Tweeters

Especially the ones that will pick one specific celeb (usually Ricky Gervais or Russell Brand for some reason) and re-tweet anything/everything they post. There’s nothing wrong with the occasional re-tweet, that’s what the function is there for after all, but if I want read everything a particular person says then I’ll follow them myself.

6 – One Topic Wonders

OK we all get it, you love Liverpool Football Club… there’s other things happening in the world though so how about Tweeting about something else?

5 – Jackanory

As soon as I read a tweet which starts (1/3) then I make a point of ignoring it… along with tweets (2/3) and (3/3). If what you have to say doesn’t fit in to 140 characters but is definitely still interesting enough that people will want to read it – then go start a blog!

4 – Serial Likers

“What has Instagram got to do with your Twitter list?” I hear you ask. Nothing, but I could only come up with 9 Twitter gripes and there is 1 thing that really bugs me on Instagram, so that particular social network is making a guest appearance…

Instagram users who “like” every single photo a specific friend/associate posts. If you like every photo regardless of what it is, then the function starts to become meaningless. Stop feeling so insecure, your friends wont stop talking to you just for not acknowledging absolutely everything they post.

3 – Wannabe Celeb Friends

People who try to engage with celebrities as if they are buddies… such as replying to a Katie Price tweet like she gives a shit or joining in a spat between two reality TV “stars” as if they’re going to be grateful that you’ve taken their side. These people don’t care if you’ve bought their book/single/DVD or if you like what they’re wearing on TV, so no point using Twitter to tell them. I’ve even seen people tweet a celeb: “follow me so I can DM you”. yes I’m sure that’ll happen, oooh maybe you’ll go on to become BFF’s. Get a life.

2 – Hypocritical Trending Snobs

As soon as a topic like #xfactor, #TOWIE or #eurovision starts trending, you get the too-cool-for-school Tweeters jumping on the bandwagon to criticise or moan about it. “I can’t believe #BGT is trending, it’s rubbish” – don’t watch it then you arsehole… and if haters weren’t so keen to hashtag things they didn’t like then maybe these topics wouldn’t trend so much!

1 – Thieving Scumbags

My biggest gripe. People who see an tweet/picture/video that is interesting or funny, and instead of re-tweeting it and handing the credit to the original poster – steal the content and tweet it as their own. Chop their hands off!

Agree/Disagree with my list? Is there anything in particular that annoys you about Twitter? Go to the “Leave a Reply” section below and add your comments. 

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